Student Council

The college has an elected Student Council which has a formal term of one academic year. The student council and its activities are funded by the institute.

  • The sports, cultural, and literary captains have their individual committees.

  • Apart from this, each class has a class representative to coordinate the activities of that class with the student council and respective institutional committees.

  • Under the guidance of the Vice Principal, all the captains and vice captains make the Student Council which consists of:

    • College captain

    • College vice-captain

    • House captains and vice-captains

    • Sports captain and vice captains

    • Cultural captain and vice captains

    • Literary captain and vice captains

  • The college captain and vice-captain are nominated by the faculty on merit basis (academic, sports & co-curricular performance).

  • The students of SDC&H are randomly divided into four houses (Tagore, Raman, Chawla and Krishnan).Every house has got its own flag, a Captain and a Vice Captain.

  • All Captains and Vice Captains are elected by the students of the house.

  • Moreover, to encourage and ensure maximum participation in organized manners there are captains and vice captains for sports, cultural and literary events.

  • The Student Council and its sub-committees are involved in: Organizing the cultural, sports and other co-curricular events of the institute.

  • Coordinating with other institutes for participation at inter- institutional level


You may have personal issues which are sensitive and confidential, making it difficult for you to concentrate on your studies, or to cope with all the demands being made on you. Where these circumstances are adversely impacting on exam performance, counselors can assist you to explain this, whilst maintaining confidentiality. Our counselors will respect the confidential nature of what you say and will listen to you with honesty, warmth and respect without judging or advising. Working together in this way may enable you to see things more clearly and help you use your resources to manage your situation in a more satisfactory way.


Mrs. Madhu Mathur,

Vice Chairperson,

Saraswati Dental College.

Career and Employment Service

The careers service will help you to make the most of your qualifications, skills, personal qualities and experience, in planning your future career direction. Our Career Advisor see students individually for assistance with the following: Making a career or course choice, job seeking skills for graduates, identifying sources of vacancies, writing a resume or curriculum vitae, writing an application letter, filling an application form, job interview skills, and starting your own work.


Dr. Rajat Mathur,


Saraswati Dental College

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