Rules Of 


Rules Of Conduct

The students admitted to this college are governed by all the rules of conduct noted below:


  • Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes, Tutorials, practical and clinical. Students shall not be certified for the examination if his progress conduct and attendance are not satisfactory.

  • 80% of attendance, in Theory, Practical and clinical classes are compulsory. Students must use aprons and uniforms of prescribed pattern while working in laboratories and hospital.

  • Any damage to movable or immovable property of the college or associated/affiliated Medical Institution caused by the student intentionally deliberately shall be viewed seriously and the student found guilty, shall be expelled from the college forthwith on disciplinary grounds.

  • The disciplinary committee of the college shall have three members on its committee, one each from the college Advisory committee, staff and a member from the society. The disciplinary committee's decision shall be final and binding. Criminal offences shall be dealt with as per civil rules.

  • Ragging of the students in any form, within or outside the college, hostel or hospital is not allowed. Defaulters will be expelled from the college.

  • Every student shall carry on his personal identity card issued by the college.

  • Students are bound by the rules and regulations framed by the college from time to time. Any violation of the rules or act of indiscipline on the part of students shall result in disciplinary action leading from the college.

  • The principle and the management reserve the right to remove from the rolls, the name of any student for failure to pay the college/hostel dues in time.

  • The students are expected to read the notices put on the notice board of the college from time to time. The college shall not accept any responsibility for any loss due to a student's failure to read the notice in time.

  • Bicycle, Scooters etc. shall be parked and locked only in the area provided for the purpose. The institute accepts on responsibility for their safe custody.

  • No student shall be allowed to appear for university examination unless he or she has paid all his dues and completed his work assigned to him, along with a minimum 80% attendance.

  • The management reserves the right to change any rule and provisions given in this prospect at any time.

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