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Prosthodontics is that branch of Dentistry which manages the restoration of oral and maxillofacial function and esthetics by replacement of lost or depleted parts of the head & neck by artificial substitutes


The Department of Prosthodontics supports Saraswati Dental College & Hospital, Lucknow, through nationally acclaimed educational programs, relevant clinical and basic sciences programs, state-of-the-art primary, secondary and tertiary patient care services at the College, community, regional and national level.​


The Department was established in 1997. Since then it has virtually catapulted itself with formulation and adoption of standard operating procedures in patient care and academics on one hand and introducing a whole new concept of liaising with centres of eminence in different adjunct specialities and thus adding a new dimension to teaching and training in newer streams. The Department has truly unfolded the “changing face of Prosthodontics” including teaching and training in diverse streams of maxillofacial prosthetics including cleft lip and palate prosthetics, dental sleep medicine, geriatric oral health and molecular biology related to Prosthodontics. This is in addition to the core curriculum of complete denture, removable and fixed partial denture. Since 2017, regular training in oral implantology has begun. The Department has contributed to forging a Memorandum-of-Understanding with  King George’ Medical University, Lucknow Cancer Institute and CSIR Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow.

Undergraduate Section

The section began function in 1997 at the inception of the College. It comprises of a clinic with 40 dental chair units. Nearly 1000 patients are attended to by a team of efficient specialists for services in complete, removable partial dentures. The Section has an adjacent comfortable and large patient waiting lounge.

The undergraduate laboratory has a sitting work capacity of 120 students with a large plaster room and casting room replete with advanced level equipment, adjacent to the lab. The laboratory is well equipped with individual Bunsen burners and micromotor connections. Good natural and artificial lighting is available for excellent visibility.

Post Graduate Section

This section came up in 2006 with 3 students being admitted to the MDS course. In 2012 the number of admissions was raised to 6. Saraswati Dental Prosthodontics persevered hard to add many firsts to its name. A new altered protocol for complete denture service was designed, adopted and validated internationally. In January 2012, collaboration with Lucknow Cancer Institute, Department of Pulmonary Medicine KG Medical University led to the inception of the Craniofacial and Sleep Apnea Prosthetic unit in which, patient care for maxillofacial prosthetics, cleft lip and palate prosthetics and dental sleep medicine and simultaneous teaching and training was begun. In January 2013, a geriatric oral health unit was started in the Department in collaboration with Samarpan old age hospice in which teaching and training in patient care for the old and infirm was begun.

Comprehensive faculty and student research resulted in several international and national level publications. The department had two international patents in maxillofacial prosthetics in 2016. The Departmental library has continued to flourish and is our pride today. The clinic and the laboratory are fully equipped with state of the art instruments for patient care. The Department has started training in advanced oral implantology in 2018, with hands-on instruction in surgical and prosthodontic components. Research in molecular biology related to Prosthodontics has begun in 2017.

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