Yoga Is A Light Which Once Lit Will Never Dim. The Better Your Practice The Brighter Your Flame.

In today's competitive world stress has become an unavoidable part of our lives. We all have to deal with it on daily basis due to numerous responsibilities at work and at home. This leads to anxiety and stress and may cause other major health issues. Yoga is a time tested practice that cultivates boundless levels of energetic physical fitness. It is not only a great physical stress reliever, but also calms us down mentally. Yoga is rapidly becoming popular as it is an exercise for both, the mind and the body and has been gaining prominence at work places throughout the world.

Department of Oral Medicine And Radiology organized a Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “Yogic Concept for stress management at work” on 18th January 2020 with an aim to devise a way of taking good care of their health at work through yoga, to be active in the most positive sense. Mr. Ashish Kumar Shukla, founder and Yoga Master, Parth Yoga and Dr. Shaheen Ahmad, Director, Sardar Bhagat Singh College of Technology and Management were the external resource persons for the same. The FDP was attended by 38 faculty members. The time duration for the same was one hour. The program was a huge success & was appreciated by all.

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