World Cancer Day 4th February 2020

The Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology celebrated World Cancer Day on 4th February 2020. This year’s theme was “I am and I will”, to acknowledge that everyone has the capacity to act in the face of cancer. The patients visiting the Out Patient Department were educated and made aware about the ill effects of tobacco (smoke, smokeless), risk factors of cancer, its early detection, cessation techniques and preventive measures along with their timely treatment.

The patients participated with great interest during the interactive session and shared their knowledge regarding the same with us. The patients were encouraged to further dissipate their knowledge with their family, friends and relatives with the intention of spreading cancer awareness. It was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the interns, post graduate students and faculty members. The main aim of the program was to celebrate this day in an embracing way with the hope that we remove any stigma of taboo associated with it.

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