Orthodontic Study Group of Lucknow

An online virtual scientific activity “ORTHOGYAN 3” was conducted by the Orthodontic Study Group of Lucknow in collaboration with Indian Orthodontic Society under the convenorship of Dr. Sudhir Kapoor, Dr. Ragni Tandon and Dr. R. P. Maurya. Dr. Ragni Tandon, Dr. Kamlesh Singh, Dr. Aftab Azam, Dr. Pratik Chandra and Dr. Ashish Chauhan of Department of Orthodontics at Saraswati Dental College hosted the third scientific activity of ORTHOGYAN. Dr. Ragni Tandon and two of the postgraduate students, Dr. Pranshu Mathur and Dr. Swati Agarwal presented three cases. 90 delegates including faculty from different dental colleges, senior practicing orthodontists and postgraduate students attended the webinar.

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Lucknow Orthodontic Study Group
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