International Federation of Head & Neck Oncology Societies (IFHNOS) - World Head & Neck Cancer Day

International Federation of Head & Neck Oncology Societies (IFHNOS) celebrates 27th July every year as World Head & Neck Cancer day. On this occasion the department of Oral Medicine & Radiology and Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery organized an awareness program with an aim to educate the society and health specialist regarding risk factors and cessation of tobacco related products along with prevention, early diagnosis and management of head & neck cancer.

The proceedings of the day were as follows:

  • Patient education and counseling along with one to one interaction with the patients will be done by the Interns with the help of power point presentations, and educative materials.

  • Educative videos will be displayed throughout the day.

  • The patient will be given an opportunity to share their experience about tobacco related products and their battle with this addiction.

  • Feedbacks by the patients regarding the program will be documented.

The program’s main motive was to spread awareness among the people to make sure they are paying attention to potential warning signs and getting regular cancer screenings.

The event was a success and was appreciated by all.