Faculty development program on the Topic "Motivation" was organized by IQAC

Faculty development program on the Topic "Motivation" was organized by Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) Saraswati dental College & Hospital. Dr Rinki Verma, Assistant Professor, Institute of Management, Commerce and Economics, Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University, Lucknow was our Guest Speaker for the day. It was attended by Dr R S Bedi Principal, Saraswati Dental College, Dr Saumya Navit, Vice Principal along with the Heads and Professors of all the departments. The main aim of the program was to update all the faculties about various strategies for “Motivation at work place" and to create congenial condition in which people are willing to work with great enthusiasm. She briefed the faculty members that if an individual is motivated, he/she will have job satisfaction also. Motivation will help in self-development of individuals. Story narration and educative videos were also used to educate everyone present there on the above mentioned motive. The program was a success and appreciated by all.

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