Medical Subjects

The Department of Anatomy & Histology

Demonstration of Complex biochemical structures, cycles and molecular techniques by animations, transparencies, graphics and molecular models.

Department of General Medicine was established in 1996, since then the department is offering teaching facilities for undergraduates/postgraduate students. In the department along with lectures and clinical postings, the students are also presenting regular seminars and case presentation.

The Subject Microbiology is taught in the second year of B. D. S. course. The Department of Microbiology has a full-time Professor and Reader, supported by a trained laboratory technician and attendant. Prof. Asha Mathur, M.D., F. N. A., FASc, FAMS, FRCP (Pathology) is the head of the department.

Lecture presentation on slide projector with programs like MS-PowerPoint, Ms- Excel, and other multimedia aids. Demonstration of physiochemical processes, physiological systems and basic diagnostic techniques by animations.

The Department of Pharmacology teaches about the drugs used for the patients undergoing treatment in the various outpatient department at Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow. The subject of Pharmacology being taught to the second year B. D. S. Students for one year.

The Primary aim of teaching General Surgery to the undergraduate dental students is that they should know the general principals of surgery also they should have sound knowledge of diseases of the area where they work most of the time.

The Department of General Pathology caters to the teaching of the undergraduate students as well as the postgraduate student (Ist year of post-graduation). All the topics as prescribed by the Dental Council of India, New Delhi are taught in toto.

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