Department Of Physiology


  • Lecture -  presentation on slide projector with programs like MS-PowerPoint, Ms- Excel, and other multimedia aids. Demonstration of physiochemical processes, physiological systems and basic diagnostic techniques by animations. Seminars, quizzes, and presentation programs of related topics to develop interest and scientific approach among students.


  • Departmental Library - Well established departmental library with a vast collection of subjects related to Scientific, journals, papers, articles, reference books, CD-ROMS, E-journals, and other test books for the students.


  • Fully equipped laboratory with all facilities as per D. C. I. norms. Facilities are present for three laboratories i.e., Mammalian lab, Hematology Lab, Human Lab. Here experiments are done to demonstrate properties of cardiac and skeletal muscles and all the basic blood testing techniques are taught and inhuman lab techniques to examine patients, blood pressure techniques, testing of reflexes, pulse and recording of electrocardiogram technique is mastered by the students. Viva sessions and written test is taken after completion of each system (chapter), Clinical and applied an aspect of physiology are also emphasized to correlate with pathology and clinical medicine.

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Name: Dr. K L Dange

Qualification: MD

Designation: Professor

Experience: 18 Years 03 Months

Name: Ms. Shazia Arshad

Qualification: M.Sc.

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 09 Months

Name: Dr. Ranjana Satyarthi

Qualification: MBBS

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 06 Months