Department Of Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology teaches about the drugs used for the patients undergoing treatment in the various outpatient department at Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow. The subject of Pharmacology being taught to the second year B. D. S. Students for one year. They are taught about the Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamics, therapeutic effects and drug interactions. Seminars and poster presentations related to drugs use for various ailments are done to create interest for clinical and scientific approach in the students.


There is a fully equipped Pharmacy laboratory as per D. C. I, norms are functioning in the department. Students are trained to write prescriptions for patients. They prepare and dispense various mixtures, mouthwashes, tooth powder and gum paints etc. which are useful in dental practice. Clinical and applied aspect of Pharmacology is also emphasized to co-related with

 clinical medicine. Viva-voce and written tests are taken after completion of each system.

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Name: Dr. Gautam Palit

Qualification: MD

Designation: Reader

Experience: 06 Years

Name: Dr. Sanjay Kumar Raw

Qualification: MBBS

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 06 Months

Name: Dr. Shashi Kumar

Qualification: MBBS

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 06 Months

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