Department Of Biochemistry


  • Lecture on slide projector with the help of programs like MSPowerPoint, MS-Excel, Netscape Navigator and other multimedia systems and audio-visual aids.

  • Demonstration of Complex biochemical structures, cycles and molecular techniques by animations, transparencies, graphics and molecular models.

  • Seminars micro-study, quizzes, and poster presentation programs of subject related topics to develop interest and scientific approach among students.

  • Introduction to theoretical and practical aspects of advanced techniques like ELISA, PCR, ELECTROPHORESIS, HPLC, RIA, Blotting test and other spectroscopic analysis for better understanding of biochemical analysis.


  • Departmental Library - Well established departmental library with a vast collection of subjects related to Scientific, journals, papers, articles, reference books, CD-ROMS, E-journals, and other test books for the students.


  • Well equipped Laboratory with all facilities as per D.C.I. norms.

  • Facilities for all types of basic quantitative and qualitative analysis according to the syllabus of subject e.g. Presentation reaction of proteins, the colour reaction of proteins, estimation of proteins, the test of mono, di and polysaccharides.

  • Digital photometric colourimeter (Blood Analyzer) and other instruments like R-8Claboratory centrifuge (maximum capacity of 6000 RPM), Micro Pipette (SUPERFITXL RANGING 10-100 microliter, Calibration confirming DIN 12650 & EN 8655 Standards) Serological water bath, oven, refrigerator (Leonard, capacity-165 L), Electronic and physical balance.

  • Demonstration and qualitative analysis for normal and abnormal physical characteristics and constituents of urine and gastric juice.

  • Potentiometric and volumetric titration analysis of free and total acidity of gastric juice with the help of indicators.

  • Regular viva sessions on metabolic pathways, experiments and their clinical significance. Special focus on clinically important topics like metabolic disorders, genetic disease, hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiencies, and organ function tests.

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Name: Dr. Alka Yadu

Qualification: PhD

Designation: Professor

Experience: 24 Years

Name: Dr. Priyanka Verma

Qualification: MBBS

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 06 Months

Name: Dr. Naresh Baboo

Qualification: MBBS

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 06 Months