Instruction For

The Candidate


  1. Students must read all the instructions written on the back-side of admit-card (in case of University examinations), answer sheets, question paper & on notice board time to time before entering the examination hall/ room.

  2. Students must reach their respective examination halls at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

  3. No student will be allowed to enter the examination room/ hall 15 minutes after the commencement of the examination. Students coming late have to justify themselves for coming late to centre superintendent. However, in case he/she is allowed to sit in the examination, no extra-time will be provided to such students.

  4. Answer-sheets will be provided by invigilators in the examination hall/ room. Students are advised not to carry anything other than clean card-boards (without any written material on it). Please verify that your pouches or pencil box must not be having any paper (even previous question paper) except admit card.

  5. Before entering the examination hall/ room, students must carry their admit card and verify their examination roll numbers and their seats as allotted according to the seating plan displayed on notice board.

  6. Before entering the examination hall/ room, students must carry their admit card and verify their examination roll numbers and their seats as allotted according to the seating plan displayed on notice board.

  7. Any forbidden material (bags, paper, sheet, wallets, mobiles, calculators, electronic devices etc) are strictly prohibited in the examination hall/ room as well as in examination premises.

  8. Any loss of students’ belongings etc will be the sole responsibility of the students. None of the invigilators or any of the examination authorities shall be held responsible for loss of any kind.

  9. Students must occupy their respective seats only as per the seating plan which is displayed on the notice board. Students must check their seats and surroundings for any forbidden material. Invigilators will ensure that all the students should sit as per the seating plan, and thus time lost for the correction of seating plan discrepancies, is the responsibility of the students. No extratime will be provided to such students.

  10. Further, if internal squad or observer or university flying squad finds any objectionable/ forbidden materials from the students/ examinee or from their surroundings the examinee will solely be held responsible for the act and will have to face the necessary action against him/ her as per the rules.

  11. No student should be allowed to enter the examination hall/ room with aprons/ white coat.

  12. Answer-sheets will be distributed 10 minutes before the scheduled time so that students could read the instructions carefully and fill all the details on the first page of the answer-sheets.

  13. Question papers will be distributed at the scheduled time for the commencement of the examination.

  14. Students must ensure that nothing (except for corrections, if any) should be written on the question papers. Invigilators or observer or flying squad may take necessary action, if discrepancies appear.

  15. Students have to complete all the entries correctly (e.g. roll number both in figures and words, name of examination, year, question paper code number, subject, day, date, paper, etc) on the first page of the answer-sheets, before signing by invigilators.

  16. Students must write their roll numbers on the “B” answer-sheet also, and get it signed by the invigilators.

  17. No identification marks should be put by the students on the answer sheets. Students must write number of signed “B” answer-sheet used by them on the first page of the “A” answer-sheet, and must tie it in corrects sequence before submitting.

  18. Attendance sheet and/ or verification forms have to be duly completed and signed by both students and invigilators. Students must write serial number of the answer sheet (A-answer-sheet), date and subject in the verification form.

  19. Students sitting for the examination will not be allowed to leave the examination hall/ room until half an hour before the scheduled time of completion of examination. Even, in that case students have to submit their question paper along with their answer-sheet to the invigilators on duty.

  20. Answer-sheets will be collected from the students at the scheduled time, except only in extreme/ special (delay in commencement of the examination due to administrative reasons) cases, when extra time is given by center superintendent/ university observer.

  21. Students are supposed to follow all the instructions and maintain discipline and decorum of the examination.

  22. All the information including seating plan will be displayed on the notice board only. Students are advised to see notice board daily.

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