Public Health Department

Department Of Public Health

The Department of Public Health Dentistry at Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow was established in the year and is spread over is actively involved in the holistic training of under-graduate students as well as interns.


  • Satellite Centre: The Department has 4 satellite centres, 2 at rural and 2 at urban areas to address the dental health needs of the rural and urban population respectively.

  • Adoption of Villages and Schools: The Department has adopted 22 villages and 5 schools to comprehensively take care of the oral health and hygiene of the children and village population.

  • Regular dental health awareness and screening and diagnostic camps are conducted at the adopted schools and villages. The Department has adopted 5 villages under the recently.

  • Dental camps: The department conducts regular awareness, educational, diagnostic and treatment camps as a part of the out-reach activities of the department. About 80 dental camps were organised by the department in the previous year.

  • Days celebrated: The department celebrates relevant and important days in the college premises and some also as an out-reach activity to spread the awareness and relevance of the day amongst the students and general population.

  • The important days celebrated in 2019 are as follows- World No Tobacco day, World Environment day, World Oral Hygiene day, Gender Equality day, Daan Diwas, World Heart Day and World AIDS Day.

  • Research Work: The department conducts research on important areas.

  • Collaboration: The department has collaborated with Indian Industries Association and Lucknow Golf Club along with Nissan Hyundai to provide holistic care to their dental health and hygiene


To build up oral health need records of the community, develop and plan strategies to meet those needs, deliver oral health services to the needy and the deprived segment of the community through outreach programs.

  • Provide comprehensive dental education that integrates science, technology, patient needs, and lifelong learning.

  • Interdisciplinary, dynamic research to improve oral care and impact overall health.

  • Develop, support, and mentor a diverse group of exceptional students and to instill in them a research oriented attitude.

  • Integrate learning by doing by exposing them to outreach activities in the form of diagnostic, educational and treatment camps.


The Department of Public Health Dentistry at Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow was established in the year and is spread over is actively involved in the holistic training of under-graduate students as well as interns.

The department makes every effort to provide comprehensive training to the students academically and practically. The department is equipped with a dental museum, has 4 satellite centers and a mobile dental unit consisting of portable dental chair, compressor, ultrasonic scalers and micromotor unit to enable treatment at camps and during the out-reach activities.

We at Saraswati Dental College provide dental services at the doorstep of the rural and underprivileged sections of the community.

  • Total area of the department :2057sqft

  • Number of rooms :

  • Faculty/Staff Rooms- 1

  • Sterilization Room-1

  • Seminar Room –1

  • UG Clinic- 1


The department has highly educated faculty members who have many achievements to their credit. They have to their names articles published in national and international journals. They participate in the various seminars, continuing dental education programs, national and international conference to keep their skills and knowledge updated.


The department follows the normal teaching curriculum whereby classes are organized regularly for third and final year students and discussion and demonstrations are taken in clinical postings of the students. Apart from this, the department also engages students in group discussions, encourages students to give seminars in classes, allots project work for a group of 5-6 students to enhance their skills and knowledge in the subject. 

The department also conducts remedial classes and revision classes for the difficult and important areas.


The department has recently started research in important areas of public health. It also includes work in Research Methodology, Biostatistics and analysis, Tobacco Cessation Counselling, Epidemiological Study, Preventive procedures and Treatment, Dental Ethics.


The department is known for its diagnostic, educational, treatment camps and out-reach activities where special emphasis is given to educate the public about the ill effects of the different forms of tobacco consumption. At the same time interested and motivated individuals are counselled to quit tobacco and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Name: Dr Pallavi Singh

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 5 Years 3 Months


Thrust Area: Epidemiological Study, Preventive procedures and Treatment, Dental Ethics

Publication: 15 Publications in Various National and International Journals.

Book - 2 book published related to subject

Name: Dr. Angshumita Ojah

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 06 Months

Name: Dr Ipshita Potlia

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Senior Lecturer

Experience: 1 Years 7 Months


Thrust Area: Research Methodology, Biostatistics

Publication: 14 Publications in various National and International Journals.

Book - Contributor in a subject book.

Name: Dr. Mahak Agrahari

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 06 Months

Name: Dr. Anamika Verma

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 07 Years 05 Months

Thrust Area: Dental Ethics and Preventive procedures and treatment.