Department Of Periodontics


No. Of Seats (Recognised by DCI) : 02

Periodontology is a specialised discipline of dentistry, which deals with health and disease of the supporting structures of teeth and oral mucous membrane. Currently, undergraduate students are getting extensive theoretical and clinical training of Periodontology in the department as a part of curriculum through third year to internship.


  • Department also has a Special Care Oral Health Unit, that take care of oral health needs with intellectual disability or who are affected by other medical, physical or psychiatric issues.

  • This Research work carried out in the department is cited in 13th edition of Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology, (Internationally Recommended Text book of Periodontology.

Special emphasis is given for

  • Microsurgical management of Perio-implant esthetic problems

  • Periodontal plastic surgery including

  • Soft tissue augmentation

  • Connective tissue grafting

  • Free gingival grafting

  • Tunneling procedures

  • Pinhole technique

  • Papilla reconstruction

  • Lip repositioning

  • Crown lengthening (soft & hard tissue)

  • Scalpel assisted-, electrocautry- assisted

  • Laser-assisted depigmentation

  • Advance implant surgical procedures –

  • Sinus Lift

  • Guided Bone Regeneration

  • Bone Grafting

  • Monocorticol Bone Grafting


A commitment to provide high quality state-of-art periodontal health care system, which includes optimal oral health promotion, oral disease prevention and to encourage innovations in response to the changing demographics and oral health needs of people of the country, along with academic excellence with active research and creative endeavours to meet the needs of widely dispersed and highly diverse population.



Periodontology is a specialised discipline of dentistry, which deals with health and disease of the supporting structures of teeth and oral mucous membrane. Currently, undergraduate students are getting extensive theoretical and clinical training of Periodontology in the department as a part of curriculum through third year to internship. With annual intake of 2 post graduates, PG section of Periodontology is well-equipped and highly specialized unit that deals with advanced periodontal conditions, partial edentulism & periodontal management of critical care patients.

It facilitates new therapeutic goals and clinical techniques including dental implants and LASER dentistry along with reconstructional and regeneration of lost periodontal structures and creation of aesthetics as integral part of clinical practice. The department has developed a clinical manual consisting of “Standard Operating Procedure” with a far sited visionary approach for every sector.

Periodontology as a course curriculum in the under graduate & post graduate program is designed to provide a strong theoretical and clinical background in periodontology enabling the students to treat all forms of periodontal disease on a biologically rationale basis. The students become thoroughly familiar with the periodontal literature and receive broad clinical experiences in examination, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and maintenance of the patients. Students are also getting training to critically evaluate pertinent literature; to communicate effectively with dental colleagues, other health professionals and patients.

As their routine academic curriculum, clinical cases, assignments ,seminars (PPT presentation)& projects (models& chart) for patient education and motivation are given to undergraduates.. Also, there is provision for remedial classes for slow learners as well as need-based problem-solving facility are also available. Continuous evaluation of knowledge, attitude and skill inculcated in students is monitored through OSCE/ OSPE basis on monthly basis.

Beside the commitment to provide high quality periodontal health care, faculty of the department are engaged in the active research and other activities for the innovations in response to the changing demographics and oral health needs of people, which is rewarding in terms of research publications in National and International Journals of high repute and many professional recognitions. In order to inculcate research acumen and enhance analytical skills original case study or epidemiological study based projects are mandate at undergraduate levels.

The Continuing Education Program (CDE) through audio-visual aids, didactic lectures, hands-on activity, stimulation training, webinars and live surgical

demonstrations etc. on various topics relevant to periodontology and dental practice management is mandate part of the curriculum. A tentative list of such programs for year 2019 is given below:

  • Soft tissue consideration in Periodontology.

  • Laser in Periodontology.

  • Evidence Based Dentistry.

  • Soft & hard tissue grafting procedure.

  • Research Methodology.

  • Medical Emergency in Periodontal Therapy (CPR, BLS).


Department of Periodontology is, one amongst the best departments in the college, because of many reasons like, full fledged team of seasoned and outstanding faculties with best possible harmony, well designed spacious and well-illuminated infrastructure, outstanding classroom teaching and extensive hand-on as well as clinical exposure of students on big number of variety of periodontal patients along with noble and innovative approaches for widening of the scope. Periodontology department is embellished with 6 experienced and dynamic faculty members.


The department consists of a fully operational building with spacious, well illuminated undergraduate and post graduate clinics with adequate number of dental chairs having all required accessories, entire range of Hu-Friedy hand instruments, etc a well equipped specialized clinic, sterilization room and post operative care unit; resident’s room, seminar hall with all modern audio-visual aids, department library, faculty chamber hooked-up with internet facility of the college, large patient’s  waiting lounge with sufficient number of chairs.


As a policy matter, although highly subsidized treatment including consultation, diagnostic, non- surgical and surgical procedure are provided to all the patients. Departments run OPD for six days/week, starting early in the morning by 9:30 a.m. A proper attention with maximum possible personal touch to every patient is our commitment and policy charter; resultant that, a regular accelerated upsurge in the department with the chief complains of bleeding gums, tooth mobility, missing teeth, mucogingival problems, bad breath, food lodgment, gummy smile, black pigmented gingiva etc. Following treatments are provided in department on highly subsidized rate:

  • Scaling and root planing

  • Local drug delivery & host-modulation therapy.

  • Management of tooth mobility (wire and fiber splinting), night gaurds, occlusal rehabilitation (Coronoplasty)

  • Treatment of gingival overgrowth, include scalpel, electrocautery and laser gingivectomy and gingivoplasty.

  • Resective osseous surgery including osteoplasty, ostectomy, hemisection and root resection.

  • Regenerative surgery includes new attachment procedures, bone grafting (allograft, autograft and alloplast grafts), root biomodification, guided tissue regeneration (GTR), furcation management etc.

  • Interdisciplinary approach for management of endo-perio, perio-ortho and periorestorative cases.

  • Microsurgical management of periodontal esthetic problems.

  • Periodontal plastic surgery includes soft tissue augmentation, connective tissuegrafting, free gingival grafting, tunneling procedures, pinhole technique, papilla reconstruction, lip repositioning, crown lengthening (soft & hard tissue), scalpel assisted-, electrocautry- assisted- and laser-assisted depigmentation.

  • Use of platelets concentrates (PRF/CGF).

  • Lasers-assisted periodontal and implant therapy.

  • Standard implant surgical procedures and management of implant complication.

  • Advance implant surgical procedures includes sinus lift and guided bone regeneration, particulate bone grafting, monocorticol bone grafting.

  • Esthetic implant surgical procedures includes socket shielding, vascularised interpositional periosteal connective tissue flap.

  • Periodontal microsurgery training on models and patients.

  • Oral health care management of intellectual disable patients (special care dentistry)

Name: Dr Vivek Bains

Qualification: BDS, MDS, PGDHHM, Fellow LASER Dentistry, (PhD)

Designation: Professor & Head of Department

Experience: 14 Years 5 Months

Thrust Area: Perio-implant Aesthetics, Laser dentistry, Perio-Diabetes Link

Publication: International = 22 & National = 34

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Name: Dr. Himangi Dubey

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Sr. Lecturer

Experience: 1 Year 7 Months

Thrust Area: Tobacco Cessation, Perio-plastic surgery

Publication: International = NA & National = NA

Google Scholar - NA

Name: Dr. Rohit Madan

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 09 Years

Name: Dr. Utkarsh Singh

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 09 Months

Name: Dr. Chetan Chandra

Qualification: BDS, MDS , FICOI (USA)

Designation: Professor

Experience: 12 Years 7 Months

Thrust Area: Implant Surgery

Publication: International = NA & National = NA

Google Scholar - Click Here

Name: Dr. Akanksha Dubey

Qualification: BDS, PGQM & AHO

Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 10 Months

Thrust Area: NA

Publication: International = NA & National = NA

Google Scholar - NA

Name: Dr. Iram Rizvi

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 08 Years

Name: Dr. Kumar Kartikey

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 06 Months

Name: Dr. Ruchi Srivastava

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 10 Years

Thrust Area: Local Drug Delivery, Perio-Plastic Surgery

Publication: International = 22 & National = 27

Google Scholar - Click Here

Name: Dr. Vivek Govila

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Professor

Experience: 21 Years 08 Months

Name: Dr. Shashank Yadav

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Sr. Lecturer

Experience: 03 Months