Oral Medicine & Radiology

Department Of Oral Medicine & Radiology


No. Of Seats (Recognised by DCI) : 03

Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology is the gateway of dentistry. It is that area of special competence concerned with diagnosis and medical management of diseases specific to the oral & maxillofacial structures. It further includes oral manifestations of systemic diseases, the management of behavioral disorders and the oral and dental treatment of medically compromised patients. It also deals with the diagnostic imaging of craniofacial, dental and adjacent structures which includes from conventional/ manual methods (IOPA) to the advanced/ specialized digital ones (CT, MRI, CBCT, Ultrasonography, etc). It further includes forensic Odontology which deals with the application of dental knowledge, proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence which is then presented in the interest of justice.The department actively support tobacco cessation center(TCC) for the patients who wish to quit tobacco (smoke and smokeless forms).


  • Diagnostic Acumen –Excellent training in clinical diagnostic acumen which is backbone for the accurate patient management.

  • The department was practicing Tobacco Intervention Initiative since 2014.to eradicate tobacco addiction while striving for Tobacco free India , thereby improving oral health of population.

  • The department takes pride in continuous dental research and innovation.

  • The department has brought multiple laurels at various International and national conference and has numerous International and national publications in the field of forensic odontology.


To be a superlative department of excellence, ever in pursuit of newer horizons to build self-reliant global citizens through assured quality Dental Education programs. 

  • To train the dental graduates of this intuition, to acquire adequate knowledge, necessary skills and attitudes required for carrying out all the activities appropriate to diagnosis, investigations & treatment plan.

  • To lay emphasis on society oriented programs in the areas of health care with a common man as a focal point.

  • To make Research a significant activity involving faculty members , students and society.


Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology was established in the year 1996 spread over 2500 sq ft. area offering teaching faculties for 100 undergraduate students and 3 post graduate students per year since 2003. The department has:-





We have a well equipped departmental library having more than 20 texts books, 25 reference books, with years of teaching & learning materials and data  in archive format.


The department has highly educated faculty members who have many achievements and awards to their credit. The faculty has various international and national publications indexed in SCOPUS, PUBMED etc. The faculty members also participate in various international & national seminars, conferences, conventions and symposiums. The department regularly conducts various faculty development programs for the up-gradation of knowledge and overall enhancement of the faculty members. 


Along with regular teaching various other advanced teaching aids like Integrated teaching, Focus Group Discussion Teaching and learning through models, Evaluation after every topic or modules, One Minute Preceptor, Flipped Classroom have also been incorporated. 


Research activities done in the dept which includes areas of oral medicine, radiology, premalignant lesions and conditions and forensic odontology – The department has keen interest in research and development. One faculty is allocated for the research work.


It is a special unit which aids persons wishing to quit smoking or chewing tobacco or tobacco containing products. It concerns particularly with behavioural therapy and medication. Till date approximately more than 8000 patients having tobacco related habit (with or without lesions have been counselled in the department. Out of which approximately more than 3000 patients have quit the habit/reduce the usage of tobacco. 



Special Day like World Cancer Day, World No Tobacco Day.  Head and Neck Cancer Day & Radiology Day are Being Celebrated every year by the department.

Name: Dr Sunira Chandra

Qualification: BDS, MDS, FAGE, FPFA, FIBFO, Tobacco Cessation & Control Specialist, NLP Practitioner & Behavioural Transformational Therapist.

Designation: Professor & Head of Department

Experience: 10.11 Years

Thrust Area: Tobacco cessation, Behavioural Therapy, Oral Premalignant Disorders, Oral Malignancies, Forensic Odontology

Publication: International=26 & National=25

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Name: Dr. Palkin Mehta

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Sr. Lecturer

Experience: 2.4 Years

Thrust Area: Premalignant Disorders, Temporomandibular Disorders, Tobacco cessation, Forensic odontology

Publication: International=3


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Name: Dr. Anjali Gupta

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 05 Years 05 Months

Name: Dr. Shreya Shekhar

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 06 Months

Name: Dr. Siddharth Kumar Singh

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 9.5 Years

Thrust Area: Red and White Lesions, CBCT

Publication: International=11, National=26

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Name: Dr. Mahendra Kumar Singh


Designation: Lecturer

Experience: 4Years

Thrust Area: Quality management in healthcare sectors, Pharmacovigilance

Publication: International & National

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Name: Dr. Shivang Kumar

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Sr. Lecturer

Experience: 09 Months

Name: Dr. Harshit Bansal

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 09 Months

Name: Dr. Shruti Sinha

Qualification: BDS, MDS, PGDCR, PGDQMHHO, Associate Fellowship in Laser

Designation: Reader

Experience: 6.3 Years

Thrust Area: Clinical Research, Oral Premalignant Disorders, Forensic odontology, Temporomandibular disorders, Quality management in healthcare sectors Retreatment, Restoration of badly broken teeth, Smile Designing.

Publication: International=6, National=15

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Name: Dr. Nitin Kumar Nigam

Qualification: MDS

Designation: Professor

Experience: 10 Years 07 Months

Name: Dr. Pallavi Pandey

Qualification: BDS

Designation: Tutor

Experience: 09 Months