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The speciality of Conservative Dentistry deals with prevention, interception, diagnosis and treatment of disease and injuries of the teeth. Fractured or diseased teeth are restored with restorative materials that are biologically acceptable, aesthetically pleasing and restore the form and function of the stomatognathic system as close as possible.

Endodontics deals with the prevention and treatment of pulp and periradicular diseases and this speciality particularly strives to save an infected tooth and maintains its integrity in the oral cavity. The main focus of this department is to preserve the natural dentition and restore it to the best state of the health, function and esthetic and thereby enhancing the general health and welfare of the patient.

The Department deals with smile designing which instills positive psychological effects thereby improving patients self image and enhances self esteem and confidence.


The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics has about 40 ultramodern, state of art, electronic dental chairs which cater to more than 100 patients per day coming from different walks of life. Under the able guidance of the experienced teaching staff, the treatment is rendered by the skilful students and the interns. Hi-tech gadgets like electronic pulp tester, electronic apex locator, digital radiography, laser and high-speed rotary instruments, amalgamators etc. are used routinely for the diagnosis and treatment. The treatment is carried out under total aseptic conditions by using modern “flash” sterilizers and ultra-sonic cleaners. Keeping the motto ”Service to Humanity”  and providing the best possible treatment to the patients.


Training - The Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics gives training to Second year BDS students in the pre-clinical laboratory which is equipped with 50 “simulated models”. Students are exposed to various aspects of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics theoretically, practically and the skills of the students are honed on these simulated patients before they take on the real patients in the Third year.

Clinical - The clinical programs spread over 3 years i.e. during Third and Final year of BDS curriculum and Internship program wherein intensive clinical teaching is given consisting of a variety of fillings and root canal treatment and other procedures. There is daily clinical teaching and demonstrations of various procedures to BDS Third year, Final year and Interns to enhanced their knowledge and clinical skills.  Students are also given a consultant demonstration of newer gadgets and techniques. Also, they get to see and use the assortments of restorative materials. Apart from the clinical training, the student’s thirst for acquiring knowledge is fulfilled by the department library, internet, museum, charts etc. All the lectures are delivered with excellent audio-video support. Seminars and tutorials are conducted for final year BDS students to improve their vocational qualities.


The Department admits 6 PG students each year. The “Masters” Programme extends to 3 years. During the 1st year, the student has to work on phantom heads to recoup their skills. Stressing on the quality work, all the exercises beginning with simple amalgam fillings to complicated post-core preparations are taught on the phantom heads. More stress is given on allied basic medical and dental sciences. The PG students are also expected to write a Library Thesis which enables them to prepare themselves for Final Thesis. Equipped with their laptops the students are encouraged to present their seminars on the LCD Projector. During this period the students are also trained to deliver lectures to the undergraduates.

During the 2nd and 3rd year the clinical training intensifies, the students have to deal with a variety of simple to complicated cases. They have to try every technique in the book and record their achievements in a log=book. They have to complete their Final thesis work by the end of 2nd year and start preparing for the Final Examination. The examination consists of 4 written papers and 2 –day clinical examination culminating in “Grand Viva-Voce”.


Research Project

We offer outstanding opportunities for postgraduate research in well-equipped clinics and laboratories and an unparalleled range of the taught postgraduate programme.

Current research focuses on -

Evaluation of Micro-leakage with Gutta-flow in root canal obturation

Use of echography in endodontics.



We offer outstanding opportunities for postgraduate research in well-equipped clinics and laboratories and an unparalleled range of the taught postgraduate programme.

  1. Current research focuses on-

  2. Push Out Bond Strength Of Glass Fiber Post Luted With Different Luting Cements: An In Vitro Study.

  3. A Comparative Evaluation Of Accuracy Of Three Electronic Apex Locators Using Stainless-Steel Files And Silver Points: An In–Vivo study.

  4. Effect Of Time And Sonic Activation On Carbonated Water In Smear Layer Removal – As An Intracanal Irrigant Using Scanning Electron Microscopy- An In Vitro Study.

  5. A Comparative Evaluation Of Apical Sealing Ability Of Three Different Sealers - An In-Vitro Study.

  6. Comparative Evaluation Of Different Irrigation Solutions On Microhardness Of Root Canal Dentin – An In Vitro Study.

  7. An In-Vitro Comparative Evaluation Of Antimicrobial Efficacy Of Various Dentin Bonding Agents.


Faculty Achievements


  1. Dr. Praveen Singh Samat

    1. Felicitated by Vice Chancellor of Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh University for Glorifying the image of university for outstanding contribution in the field of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, 6 March, 2018. 

    2. Guest Lecturer delivered in JMMA University, Ethiopia, 30th Jan, 2018. 

    3. Part of Organizing Committee of U.P. Dental Show,  August, 2018.

    4. Original article published in International Journal of Current Research May’ 2018.

  2. Dr. Vipul Srivastava

    1. Co-author with Shally Mahajan contributed a chapter in book. “Laser in Dentistry current concepts.” Jan. 2018.

    2. Presented India as an Endodontic Symposium at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, July 2018.

  3. Dr. Ayush Razdan

    1. Published a Book Titled ‘Tissue Regeneration’ published by Lap Lambert Academic Publishing in May, 2018.

    2. Published Article ‘Smile designing’ in International Journal of current research in May, 2018.

    3. Published Article ‘Swasthya Jagat’ in Hindi Magazine ‘Manavadhikar’ in Feb. 2018.

  4. Dr. Raju Chauhan​​ - Articles Published In International Journals

    1. “Smile Designing”. International Journal of Current Research, May 2018.

    2. “Evaluation of Diagnostic Accuracy of PAP & AgNOR Staining in Exfoliative Cytology of Oral Mucosa in Smokers & Non-Smokers.” International Journal of Current Research, May 2018.

    3. “Hypo plastic Smooth Autosomal Dominant Amelogonesis Imperfecta: A Case Report.” JBR Journal of Clinical Diagnosis & Research, Feb. 2018.

Students Achievements

  1. Paper Publication -  February 19th IACDE PG Convention 2018 (Gulbarga, Karnataka

    1. Best Poster Presentation - Dr. Shobhit Pratap Singh, Dr. Kishan Agarwal, Dr. Madhur Garg

    2. Endo Cawn 2018 1st National Conference on Endodontics organized by IDA, Kanpur - Branch, 07- 08 April, 2018 Paper presentation 2nd prize, Kanpur Dr. Ankit Saha, Dr. Hardeep Kaur


Name: Praveen Singh Samat

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Professor, HOD

Experience: 18.6 Years

Publication: International & National

Google Scholar - Link

Name: Dr. Raju Chuhan

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Professor

Experience: 10.4 Years

Area Of Intrest:

  • Smile Designing.

  • RCT of atypical root canal anatomy.

  • Locating extra canal during RCT.

  • Cosmetics and esthetic Dentistry

Publication: International = 10

National = 11

Google Scholar - Click Here

Name: Ayush Razdan Singh

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Professor

Experience: 11.7 Years

Area Of Intrest: Regenerative Endodontics

Publication: International = 4

National = 5

Google Scholar - Click Here

Name: Vipul Srivastava

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Professor

Experience: 16 Years

Area Of interest: Magnification, Laser Dentistry, Retreatment

Publication: International & National

Google Scholar - Click Here

Name: Dr. Pushpendra Kumar Verma

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Reader

Experience: 8.10 Years

Area Of Intrest: Endodontic Retreatment, Restoration of badly broken teeth, Smile Designing.

Publication: International = 13

National = 25

Google Scholar - Click Here

Name: Dr Nitin Jhunjhunwala

Qualification: BDS, MDS

Designation: Senior Lecture

Experience: 1.5 Months

Publication: International & National

Google Scholar - Link

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