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Public Health Dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the prevention of oral disease and promotion of oral health. It is involved in the assessment of key dental health needs and coming up with effective solutions to improve the dental health of populations rather than individuals.

Dental public health is a broad subject that seeks to expand the range of factors that influences people’s oral health and the most effective means of preventing and treating these oral health problems.


The Department of Public Health Dentistry at Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow is actively involved in the holistic training of undergraduate students as well as interns.

The Department makes every effort to provide comprehensive training to the students academically and practically. The department is equipped with a Dental Museum, has four satellite centers and a Mobile Dental Unit consisting of portable dental chair, compressor, ultrasonic scalers and micromotor handpieces to enable treatment at camps and during out-reach activities.

We at Saraswati Dental College provide dental services at the doorstep of the rural and underprivileged sections of the community.


The subject of Public Health Dentistry is an integral part of the Dental Council of India curriculum. On the academics front lectures are regularly held for BDS IIIrd year students and continue till IV year BDS.

As a part of the outreach activities and field work 7-8 camps are regularly conducted each month which involve the final year students along with the interns posted in the department. Such activities aids in better understanding of the subject and also enriches them with the experience to interact and treat individuals in a community at one place.

Various teaching aids are used to enhance the student’s knowledge. Projects on various aspects of educating and motivating patients about dental problems and their prevention and treatment are conducted by students under the able guidance of their teachers.

Seminars are held every week on liquid crystal display projectors by students, extensive research are encouraged to bring the best out of the students.

Students are taken on field visits at to get first hand experience on various topics.


Important days pertaining to oral health and health in general, like No tobacco day, world oral hygiene day, world environment day etc are celebrated by the department so as to educate students regarding the importance of the day and also to spread awareness regarding the same.


The department regularly conducts various out-reach activities. These include the educational, motivational, diagnostic and treatment camps, school dental health programmes and fluoride application programmes.

The main aim of conducting these camps is to reach out as many people of the community as possible, to cover individuals of all age groups – children, adults as well as older individuals, and then to educate them about the proper methods of maintaining proper oral health and hygiene.

The aim is to also diagnose people at their door step and to treat as many people as possible at the camps in the Mobile Dental Unit at nominal cost.

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