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Volume 2; Issue 2

Asian Journal of Oral Health & Allied Sciences

AJOHAS 2012, Vol 2, Issue 2, Pages 71-112

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  1. Research – The Game of knowledge enhancement. [pdf] - Dr. Man Mohan Singh, PhD, DSc, FNASc

Original Articles

  1. Bacteremia during Periodontal Flap Surgery, with and without Prophylactic Antibiotic Administration: A Comparative Study [pdf] - Ramesh Babu Mutthineni, LaxmiS wetha, Chandramohan Pabolu, Kiran Kumar Guntur and Navya Mutthineni ​

Review Articles

  1. Microarray: An Emerging Diagnostic Tool in Dentistry . [pdf] - Swyeta Jain Gupta, Vivek Kumar Bains, Rajesh Jhingran, Rohit Madan, Vivek Gupta and Iram Rizvi

  2. Neem the Miracle Tree- A Medicinal and Dental Update. [pdf] - Rajat Kumar Singh, Suleman Abbas Khan, KritikaMurawat and Priya Sharma

Practice Paper

  1. Gingival Depigmentation- A Case Report. [pdf] - Mahendra Mohan, Vivek Gupta, Nishi Singh and GP Singh

  2. Allergy to Mercury from Dental Amalgam: A Case Report [pdf] -  Rhythm Bains, Kapil Loomba and Anju Loomba

  3. Supplemental Primary Incisor: A Case Report [pdf] -  Madhu Bala, Harinder Kumar and Anshul Sachdeva

  4. Rejuvenating Function through Implant Supported Overdenture: A Full Mouth Rehabilitation [pdf] - Saurabh Chaturvedi, A. K.Verma, Mariyam Ali and Rahul Shrivastava

  5. Endodontic Management of a Hypertaurodont Maxillary First Molar [pdf] - KavitaVerma, Kapil Loomba, Rhythm Bains, Manjusha Rawtiya, Neeraj Kumar and S C Srivastava

  6. From Non-Esthetic to Esthetic Rehabilitation: A Case Report [pdf] - Vishwas Anjum and Shiromany Aseem

Short Communication

  1. Virulence Factor Database (VFDB): Future in Dental Genomics [pdf] - Swati Das, Vivek Kumar Bains, Rajesh Jhingran, RohitMadan, Vivek Gupta and IramRizvi

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