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Volume 1; Issue 3

Asian Journal of Oral Health & Allied Sciences

Jul-Sep 2011, Vol 1, Issue 3, Pages 167-235

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Tobacco Control: A Challenge! - R M Mathur

Original Articles

  1. Evaluation of the Efficacy of Chlorhexidine Chewing Gum in Controlling Plaque Formation: A Clinical Trial. [pdf] Kapil Arora, K Mahalinga Bhat and Arun Kumar M S.

  2. Dental Operating Microscope (DOM): An Adjunct in Locating the Mesiolingual (MB2) Canal Orifice in Maxillary First Molars. [pdf] - Ajay Paliwal, Kapil Loomba, Tarun K Gaur, Atul Jain, Rhythm Bains, Asit Vats, Abhinav Singh, Rohit Sharma and Dipak Sadan Paul Majumdar

  3. Movements of Mandible Before and After Prosthodontic Treatment: A Clinical Study. [pdf] - Sanjay Nilawar, Vinod Shewale and Kirti Shewale.

Review Articles

  1. Bleaching in the Clinical Practice of Dentistry: An Overview. [pdf] - Devendra Chaudhary, Deepti Pupneja and Nikhil Sibal

  2. Socket Preservation v/s Natural Healing: Literature Review. [pdf] - Rohit Madan, Vivek Gupta, Vivek K Bains, Sudhir S Patil, G. P. Singh and Mani Bhatia

Practice Paper

  1. Submental Intubation Technique – A Promising One in Complex Craniofacial Trauma. [pdf] - L C Gupta, Praveen Kumar Pandey, Siddharth Chandel, Ankita chugh and Poonam Goel

Case Reports

  1. Natal Teeth: A Clinical Report. [pdf] - Shalini Gupta, Kavita Nitish Garg, Divya Mehrotra and O P Gupta

  2. Conservative Minimal Invasive Treatment of Dental Fluorosis in Pediatric Patients: Report of Two Cases. [pdf] - Ronauk Singh, Tapan Singh, G P Singh and Meha Kaur

  3. Unilateral Tonsillolith: A Serendipitous Finding. [pdf] - Kanwar Harit Sharma and Tarun Singh Phull

  4. Natural Eruption of Impacted Premolar: A Case Report. [pdf] - Monika Rathore, Vandana A Pant and Rana Pratap Maurya

  5. Multidisciplinary Approach for the Management of Widely Open Interdental

  6. Spaces with Malformed Teeth: A Case Report. [pdf] - N K Gupta, Devendra Chaudhary, Swati Gupta, Garima Agarwal and B Rajkumar

  7. Trabecular Juvenile Ossifying Fibroma: A Rare Case Presentation. [pdf] - Shalini Gupta, Ankita Tandon, Vibha Singh and O P Gupta

Short Communication

  1. Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis: A Clinical Note. [pdf] - L C Gupta, Nimish Gupta, Karan Punn and Siddharth Chandel

  2. Failure of Mini-Implants in Orthodontics. [pdf] -  Aftab Azam, Stephen Koshy and Anju Loomba


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