AJOHAS Back Issue

Volume 1; Issue 2

Asian Journal of Oral Health & Allied Sciences

Apr-Jun 2011, Vol 1, Issue 2, Pages 95-165



Planning a Research Article - RM Mathur

  1. Original Articles

    1. Comparison of Transverse Strength of Denture Base Resin on Immersion for Varying Time Period in Water and Denture Cleansers - An In Vitro Study [Pdf] - Neerja Raj and Marriette D’Souza

    2. Scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation of Root Surfaces Following Hand and Piezoelectric Scaling. [pdf] - Charu Madan, Vipin Bharti and Daljit Kapoor

    3. Management Strategy for Post Insertion Problems in Complete Dentures. [pdf] - Abhimanyu Deora, Paras Vohra and Arvind Tripathi

    4. Comparison of Inter-Observer Variability between Computer Aided Image Analysis and Manual Counting of AgNORs in Grading of Oral Leukoplakia: A Double Blind Study. [pdf] - Vineet Raj, Kavita Nitish Garg, Shaleen Chandra, Abhishek Khare and Amrita Bose

  2. Review Articles

    1. Bisphosphonates: An Emerging Trend in Dentistry. [pdf] - Vivek K Bains, Vivek Gupta, G P Singh, Sudhir S Patil and Robin Srivastava

  3. Case Reports

    1. Oral Myiasis and the Use of Doxycycline in Post-Operative Management as Local Drug [pdf] - Indranil A Majumdar, Amol A Dhokar, Chandrashekhar M Kadam, Sanjay Jagtap and Seema Kadam

    2. Thorn in Endodontics: Patient Induced Blockage of Root Canal by Unusual Foreign Objects. [pdf] - Suleman Abbas Khan, Saima Yunus Khan and Rachana Bahuguna

    3. Unusual Anatomical Variation in Maxillary First Molar and Its Management. [pdf] - Abhinav Singh, Priya Singh and Kapil Loomba

    4. Management of Pathological Sequelae of Supernumerary Teeth: Report of Two Cases. [pdf] - Madhu Bala

    5. Esthetic Rehabilitation in a Patient with Mesiodens [pdf] - Saumyendra V Singh, Kapil Loomba, Promila Verma, Rhythm Bains, Vivek K Bains and Gunjan Srivastava

    6. Natural Tooth Pontic : An Instant Esthetic Solution for Hopeless Tooth [pdf] - Vandana A Pant and Monika Rathore

    7. Intraradicular Rehabilitation- A Case Report. [pdf] - Asit Vats, Kapil Loomba, Atul Jain, Rohit Sharma and T K Gaur

    8. Collateral Variant of Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor [pdf] - Vinod N Shewale, Kirti Shewale and Sayed Taqui  

  4. Practice Paper

    1. Management of Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis in Children: Current Perspective. [pdf] - Ankita Chugh, Navbir Pasricha, R S Bedi and Praveen Pandey

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