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Volume 1; Issue 1

Asian Journal of Oral Health & Allied Sciences

Jan-March 2011, Vol 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-92

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  4. Arch perimeter - A Comparative Study [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Anju Loomba, Preeti Agarwal, Utkarsh Upadhyay, Ashish Goel, Vishal Sohal

  5. Radiographic Comparison of the two Standard Sized Implants with single Wide Diameter Implant for Replacement of one Mandibular Molar [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - RS Bedi, Pardeep Verma, Poonam Goel, Puneet Kathutia

  6. Knowledge and Attitudes of Parents regarding child dental care in an Indian Population [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Rachana Bahuguna, Atul Jain, Suleman Abbas Khan

  7. Evaluation of caries experience with oral health practices in Lucknow children [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Suleman Abbas Khan, Saima Yunus Khan, Rachana Bahuguna

  8. Evaluation of effect of root canal preparation techniques on inducing root fractures: An in vitro study [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Asit Vats, Ashwitha Punja, Priyadarshini Hegde, Mithra N Hegde, Rhythm Bains, Kapil Loomba

  9. Regenerative Potential of Platelet Rich Fibrin In Dentistry: Literature Review [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Vivek Gupta, Vivek K Bains, G P Singh, Ashish Mathur, Rhythm Bains

  10. Expanding Scope of Surgeries under Local Anaesthesia in Maxillofacial Surgery [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - RS Bedi, Navbir Kaur, Nimish Gupta, Poonam Goel

  11. Custom-Made Polyethylene Fiber-Reinforced Composite Resin used as a Short Post for Pediatric Anterior Teeth [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Rachana Bahuguna, Suleman Abbas, Tapan Singh

  12. Provisional Prosthesis for Class l Radical Mandibular Alveolectomy Patient - A Case Report [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Paras Vohra, Neha Vohra

  13. Osteoma of Maxillary Sinus - A Rare Case Report [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - R S Bedi, Poonam Goel, Ashish Goel, Navbir Pasricha

  14. Hemisection as an Altemative Treatment for Resorbed Multirooted Tooth - A Case Report [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Atul Jain, Rachana Bahuguna, Vineet Agarwal

  15. An Innovation in Vestibular/Gingival Extension Procedure-A Case Report [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - G P Singh, Robin Srivastava, Meha Kaur, Ronauk Singh

  16. Use of Buccal Fat Padin Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis - A Case Report [Abstract] [Full- text PDF] - LC Gupta, Munish Kohli, Karan Punn, Abhishek

  17. Clinical Application of Loops in Orthodontics [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Anju Loomba, Ashish Goel, Peeyush Mehta, Vishal Soha

  18. Friction-An Overview [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Utkarsh Upadhyay, Preeti Agarwal, Anju Loomba, Amol Hivalekar

  19. Early Dental Visit-An Overview [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Rachana Bahuguna, Atul Jain, Suleman Abbas Khan

  20. Nickel Allergy and Orthodontics [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Preeti Agarwal, Utkarsh Upadhyay, Ragni Tandon, Sanjay Kumar

  21. Microimplants - A stable source of anchorage [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Manav Ahuja, Rajshekhar C Halli

  22. Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia: Benignly progressing towards malignancy [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Vinod N Shewale, Kirti Shewale

  23. Gorham‘s Disease [Vanishing Bone Disease] -A case report. [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Chandrashekhar M Kadam

  24. Cone Beam Computed Tomography and Dental Implications [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - CH Uma Reddy, J Jyothirmai

  25. Wisdom Tooth A Source of Stem Cells [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - CH Uma Reddy

  26. An in vitro study of the shaping ability of two rotary endodontic instruments in curved roots canals [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - Tarun Gera, MK Manjunath, Kapil Loomba

  27. Aloe vera - a wound healer [Abstract] [Full-text PDF] - CH Uma Reddy, Komar Suresh Reddy, Jaddu Jyathirmai Reddy

  28. Guidelines to the Authors [PDF]

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